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Point of Impact Leadership seminars are a combination of speaking and activity-based programs designed to enhance your organization's leadership development and employee engagement.


Our staff facilitates either full or half day sessions. These sessions are interactive, fun, empowering and challenging.


We have several custom seminars that can be adapted to your organization's specific needs. Some examples include:


  • Command Leadership: Leading Beyond Your Presence

  • Dealing with Challenging Employees: Leadership at its Best

  • Maximizing Your Potential: Dominate Your 3 Feet

  • Building a culrture of excellence​

  • 10 Leadership Principles - Setting you apart from the rest

  • Teamwork - Getting the most out of your team and accelerating your performance

  • Recruiting, Selection and Training - Getting the advantage

  • Leaders of Significance - Making a difference that will live beyond you

  • Becoming a Champion for Life: Being good at many things but being great at life


Contact us today to discuss your next event.




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