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Keynote Speakers

Inspiring, engaging, high energy with a no holds barred attitude best describes our primary keynote speaker, Chief Superintendent R.M. Bob Bruce (Retired Ontario Provincial Police).


This former Commander is an accomplished and highly respected speaker who will engage and excite your audience. No matter the topic he never disappoints and always leaves the audience wanting more and accepting the challenge he presents.


His wide depth of knowledge and diversity of operational, training and command experience have built the foundation for the following topics: 


  • Command Leadership: Leading Beyond Your Presence

  • Dealing with Challenging Employees: Leadership at its Best

  • Maximizing Your Potential: Dominate Your 3 Feet

  • Leadership and the Point of Impact: What it takes to go from Good to Great

  • Being a Leader of Character: Make a difference where it counts

  • Leadership in the Midst of Chaos: Prepare before you're under fire

  • Significance and the 3 C's: Heroes are remembered, Legends live forever

  • Building a culture of excellence

  • Becoming a Champion for Life: Being good at many things but being great at life


Please contact Point of Impact Leadership for more information about having a keynote speaker for your next event.

Point of Impact Leadership
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