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Team Building Activities

Point of Impact Leadership can combine any of our Training programs, Seminars or Keynote Speakers to include them with one of our many exciting, team building activities.


Be it a physical fitness challenge, outdoor activity, personal safety session or even an "Amazing Race" type activity, our team building events are designed to push your people beyond their perceived limits and develop trust and leadership. 


Our staff has the diversity, training certifications and operational expertise to guide you through one to three day team building leadership development sessions that will change and empower you and your organization to go to the next level and lead at the Point of Impact.


Accept the challenge and contact us to arrange a session for you!


Note: Team building activities are only limited by your imagination. If you are considering this type of activity, we will require a minimum of 2 months' notice to allow for all the logistics required. These activities can be tailored to your facilities or we can arrange for an appropriate area to ensure that your experience is safe, memorable and inspiring.

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