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Chief Superintendent Robert M. Bruce (retired) has been a member of the Ontario Provincial Police since 1982. Over the course of his 33 year career he has integrated and inspired innovation, creativity, leadership, accountability and vision to members under his command, as well as in his personal life as a coach and mentor. 


Chief Bruce has progressively moved through the command structure working tirelessly throughout his career to embed a culture of pride, selflessness and excellence, with an emphasis on bone-deep dedication to duty, serving with significance and commitment to going above and beyond the expected.

As the former Commander of the highly specialized Field Support Bureau, Chief Bruce was responsible for providing strong unwavering leadership to the following units. The Tactics and Rescue Unit, the Emergency Response Team, Underwater Search and Recovery, Explosive Disposal, Aviation Services, Canine, Incident Command and UCRT (Urban Search and Rescue, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Response Team). As well the Provincial Auxiliary Program, Offender Transport Program and the Provincial Crime Prevention Section. 


A proven Leader, he has served as the Commander of the Security Bureau which is directly responsible for ensuring the safety and security of high ranking foreign and domestic government officials; including the Premier and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He was also responsible for the security of a provincial election.   



Point of Impact Leadership

He has also served as the Director of the Ontario Provincial Police Academy, where his revolutionary thinking and commitment to the success of others, including the development of cutting edge training and methodologies, transformed the Academy into a Centre of Policing Excellence. The Academy provides critical training to over 6000 members of the OPP as well as other Policing agencies throughout North America.


Chief Bruce previously served as a member of the OPP hostage rescue team otherwise known as the Tactics and Rescue Unit, and was an Instructor the Provincial Police Academy where he held several positions including the Force Sergeant Major and Commander of Specialized Training. He also served as a Instructor at the Ontario Police College. He served as a dedicated frontline member at both Winchester and London detachments.


In addition to his Command role, Chief Bruce continued to hold the following positions with professionalism, pride and respect; OPP Funeral Commander, Incident Commander and Critical Incident Commander.


Chief Bruce’s passion, enthusiasm and energy are contagious, giving him the unique ability to design and develop innovative and creative ways to inspire individual or teams to exceed expectations and go beyond any perceived limits they may have to reach their full potential.

Chief Bruce has implemented the following successful programs:


  • OPP Leadership Principles

  • Leadership Development and Mentoring Program

  • Fit for Duty

  • Above and Beyond

  • Dare to Dream

  • OPP Bound

  • Commitment to Excellence

  • Success, Significance and the 3 C’s, Champions for Life

  • Total Teams

  • Pride Makes the Difference

  • Professional Expectations and the Career Planning Counsellor Program


Through his career and life experiences, Chief Bruce has learned how important discipline, accountability, self-awareness, fitness, mission focus and  team skills are in stressful and high risk situations. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable and leading in the midst of chaos are paramount characteristics that inspire people and organizations to perform at their peak. Chief Bruce has the proven ability to turn those words into action and bring out the very best in individuals, teams and organizations.


Chief Bruce is a lifelong learner and has an extensive list of training and education accompanied by several certifications that he has earned during his personal and professional life.


He is a decorated officer earning several prestigious awards and accolades throughout his career which have recognized his pride, passion, professionalism, sacrifice, courage, commitment, creativity, innovation and leadership in serving the men and women of the OPP and the people of Ontario personally and professionally.

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